Introducing: Angela

There's so many things I would love to share about this shoot but I'm going to try to keep this short. The idea for the "Introducing" series is to release some of my work with others. Because of my music background, I grew accustomed of not sharing all of my work. With photography I want to do the opposite. I've been a fan of Angela and her work for quite some time. She has an incredible vision and sense of structure that I admire. We always spoke about collaborating with one another and last October we got the chance to make it happen. Being one of the most inspirational shoots this year, I learned so much from working with Angela. She inspired me to keep creating and always remain confident. As we approached our shoot, we decided to keep it low-key but still street. We wanted to capture the essence of the streets by choosing areas that are less noticeable. I truly wanted the focal point to be Angela instead of the background. We played around with three different locations. To say the least, It was a success.

I want to thank Angela for this incredible opportunity and the experience I gained by learning from her. She's truly an amazing artist that everyone should be able to see grow and shine. 

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