He lived in the dark shadows of his mind. Afraid of the world and the opportunities waiting to be conquered. He searched through his city for inspiration but he failed to find himself. He carried these thoughts across the country in hopes of closing the final chapter of his quarter century. His dream became obsolete to the people around him, forcing him to give up the chances of embracing his own success. He wanted to show the work he produced to the world but didn't know how to present the idea. Filled with doubt and hesitation he gave up on his journey. He began to work the meaningless jobs for a paycheck. He felt defeated and mentally drained. Facing depression, one morning he woke up and grabbed his camera. He drove to a familiar place and began to take photos. He found the camera to be a defense mechanism that could be use to deflect his depression. He always shared his love for photography but this was different. He was able to identify himself within the people, architecture and moving environments. After discovering his talents for street photography, he forced himself to embody the mentality "Work. Drive. Success."