The cast before us

As I stood waiting for the walk sign to turn, I couldn't help to think about my life. Life is like a walk sign, striving to take steps beyond imagination. I use to think about graduating college until I realized I hated school. Trying to fit in with people that just doesn't give a fuck about you. True story. I never wanted to drop out of college but it just happened. The second time wasn't my fault. Financial Aid could be a pain when you're working a full time job and not "broke" enough for full coverage. Needless to say, I left school and began to work odd jobs. I hated all of them. Its true, I can't stand working for another person. It's not that I don't want to succeed. I just feel like I'm better off making money on my own. Earning money off the craft I love. Im aware that making art money is difficult and at times frightening. But fuck I'm on this journey with my eyes open and finger on the shutter. Fuck the grammar. These are real thoughts concealed in an artist. I use to be afraid of living a dream. Fear of failure. Fear of being myself. Many people feel the way I do. Some write it down in a journal swept underneath their bed. Some write a song or poetry. I can do both. Write music and poetry. When I'm out in the streets I feed off the energy strangers give me. Some may say its dangerous or inconsiderate but they don't understand photography. I live in the fraction of a second. I own these photos. These are my creation and these people are my cast. A cast of characters that couldn't have existed without me. The type of cast that strives in the streets because we've crossed paths. I identify myself with them because their real. Because they care. I care.