The offer

money isn't everything but we need more of it

so much that my heart looks counterfeit

not easy to admit but of course I'm proud of my accomplishments

and it comes with a price, steep like the mountains and valleys

scrolling down the pages, it reads

sign here* __________

and of course I said "gladly".


you see I'm aware of the devil and his games

I was warned by my friends, family, peers and old flames

I didn't listen, so the alarm on my new apple watch is like music to my ears

I struggled to pay attention, so this iPhone 7 plus is painting a clear picture

your display view isn't the same as mines

although I check the same timeline filled with money, cars, fashion and woman

to tell you the truth i don't think I will be done with sinning

as checks continue to clear i'll be rolling in a new benz by next spring

but thats when it gets tricky and i'll fold

they said follow your dreams and never squeeze your goals

you're hunting for decades plotting on the weight of your shoulders like pressure was made of gold

to be honest it's not my soul that i sold.

it's the doors I closed before the offer was chose.