Open or Closed

Verse 1:

I need travel across the world, see life from another angle
These pair of lens have seen enough in this lonely state
I close up and pray
Tomorrow is another day, but my skin complexion
Got me twisted
Like rubbers providing satisfaction
I stand with my concession
Holding my heart until I pass the intersection
They wanna sabotage my progression
Like I was gassing my drive when I wasn't tired
that attraction will burst at any second
They wish on my downfall, like December 32nd
Viewers discretion advised
Your words left me paralyzed
But I will never die
My spirit is too high
My vibe is too live
I'm too fly, to fall out the sky
Tonight, I'm on your side
Everything gon' be alright

verse 2:

I see angry face like its you and me
I'm just hoping my decisions don't ruin us until eternity
You know I believe, if you love me then I love you more
Mi amor, I adore the days we spent
Can I vent, spill the potions on the sheets
Got the frames shaking every week
I hate it when we barely speak
Missing every beat
The heart ask for reason
And you know that I'm still dreamin
Like the waves in the current
Brushing off the moments
The life and times of a poet
It's short, but potent
Thinking about my city, it got me open
I wanna spread arms and hug it
Let em know it's gonna be alright
I come back from time to time
And see the same things I don't like
I worry about my moms too
Late night bus rides
Feel like it's my time
To heal the city like dende would
I wish I could save the world like when goku thought gohan should
People tryna do right
We can't lose this fight
lets climb up tonight, lets climb up to the top and hope we don't lost this sight, lose this sight, I swear to god it pains me, I'm afraid to lose my life, 

Every time my feet touchdown, my nigga lost his cousin and I swear I seen his face painted on the bricks, and it hurts my heart every time I pass by  

God damn.


Maybe October,  2016.