One Love (Thoughts)

Yo, world wide

for the people that can't hide

it's fucked up

cause the way I feel inside

got me screaming for life


some words from hell

since the leaders don't care

It ain't fair to see my people scared

holding their breaths

we don't qualify for air

if they kill us tonight

the rest of us will be dead


freedom of speech until you're one step ahead

I'm with kap, cause i know my rights

but something is wrong

my people in puerto Rico trying to be strong

while the president criticize players about kneeling through a song

god bless America, salute to the heroes that are gone

Im talking about Martin Luther and Malcom X, Rosa Parks, Frederick Douglas and Susan B. Anthony

Im not ignorant, I can't forget the soldiers that fought for the country.

we appreciate you're honor but on the streets it's deadly

cops shooting brothers for being black

no snitchin' on the block but there's more to be adressed

either you live to take the shot or die from the stress


It's not peaceful anymore and I'm tired of the wait

sitting here alone, carrying this weight

sometimes I don't wanna speak, you can read it on my face

so before I finish my last thought

Lets come together and speak about the change

it doesn't matter who crosses first as long we all complete the race.