Almost a Facebook post.

you ever wonder about the time we got left

never waste a day and hold your breath

it's easy to fall underneath the steps

without making a move, you will suffer under stress

take these words from the wise

take your heart from the pride

divide the soul and ask the question that has never been told


we're dealing with the process

with no room for progress

what started out as free post

became a profit.


I'm smart enough to know that you will

steal my words and keep em concealed

but fuck all that

you say because I'm not you and you're not me then

that means, these words, my heart and soul will never be free

I'm going to give you this one for free, you will not divide my freedom because you don't agree on my creed


to those scheming just let it be known

your racist thoughts aren't condoned

it's important that you know

that i will never fall and ever be told

what to say or do.


I am free because i am the man your'e afraid to be.

balloon fun.JPG